A Network of the Ugandan Cultural and Creative Community

The arts and culture sector is essential to the vitality of society, and it should be a constitutive key for empowerment and identity building and in general the development of society. Although the art and culture sector is blooming in Uganda, its development faces many challenges. These challenges can only be tackled if stakeholders in the arts and culture sector organize themselves to facilitate joint lobby and advocacy for the sector’s benefit.

Culture Unlimited has been set up as the membership network and umbrella platform for a collective and unifying voice of the cultural and creative community in Uganda. It brings together art organizations, individual artists, cultural activists, and other interested stakeholders to address the several gaps in the sector, empowering it and promoting its visibility, and underlining its importance in socio-economic development of Uganda and its relevance alongside other sectors.

Any sector stakeholder in Uganda can join the network as a member – please sign up/register here – and join for joint lobby and advocacy activities and benefit from the membership.